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    Welcome. Remember how I usually don't answer those questions on YouTube? Well. Here, you can now get them answered. Anything from pomade...

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    Started by thepomp

  • High hold, matte finish

    Tons of products claim high hold and matter finish, but none I have tried hold through my 8 hour school day. What is the best product to hold my pomp...

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    Started by TasyWave

  • Black Bean Grocery Pomade

    Anybody know what the difference between this and the Arcadian Clay is? Just ran out of my jar of Arcadian clay and debating whether to get another...

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    Started by colo3

  • Black Bean Grocery Superior Pomade

    I should probably wait until Sunday to ask this, but will you be doing a demonstration with your new pomade? I'm curious as to how it performs, as...

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    Started by DonnieTrouble

  • Slick product high volume

    Are they're any pomades that could give a nice slick look with some shine but gives you alot of height and volume?

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    Started by Scuba_steve7897

  • Lightest hold/weight from a clay.

    Hey guys, I was just curious about what might be one of the lightest, if not the lightest holding/weighted clay out there on the market. Thanks.

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    Started by DonnieTrouble

  • Grim Grease Matte Paste — too stinky to use

    I just tried the Grim Grease Matte cream. If you do not like a strong, lingering, cologne-type scent, do not use this stuff. I could only take for an...

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    Started by mbrooke

  • Analogue Paste Shipping

    Evening everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has received the aforementioned paste yet? If so, how long did shipping take? Primarily for my...

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    Started by roberto

  • Arcadian matte paste

    So i just got done talking to the people from Arcadian. They just released the Arcadian matte paste today and of course I had to buy it. On the jar...

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    Started by Scuba_steve7897

  • Lockharts matte clay

    Is it true that lockharts switched back to their old formula? If so should I still get lockharts matte clay because their old formula isn't nearly as...

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    Started by Scuba_steve7897

  • Fall/winter products

    I was wondering since companies make products for the summer, what would be some good hair Clay's, pastes or creams to use for the colder months?

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    Started by Scuba_steve7897

  • 2 questions for James

    The first one is pretty simple: do you use your products before you review them? And If so, how many times before you feel like its time to review?...

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    Started by ThePolishToast

  • New Arcadian Clay

    Just ran out of the old Arcadian Clay formula and was wondering if there is much of a difference in the new one. I know it is suppose to have more...

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    Started by colo3

  • Lightweight/light hold product with some shine

    So with my particular hairstyle and type I don't really need a ton of hold and I prefer products that aren't very heavy. I'm on the search for a...

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    Started by DonnieTrouble

  • Hair in latest clothes video.

    Hey James, I was just curious as to what product you had in your hair in your latest video where you talked about your new clothes. Thanks.

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    Started by DonnieTrouble

  • Pomade stopped gripping

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help with this topic. I have thick/coarse hair that I blow dry every morning. I have been using Suavecito Firme...

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    Started by jlall

  • Personal favorite pomades for the beach

    Evening everyone, I'm going to the beach this weekend and plan on going frequently throughout my three-week break from school, and was wondering if...

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    Started by roberto

  • Need advice for getting product to the roots.

    Dammit I cant do it. I have some fine/full hair, similar to how James' hair is, and for the life of my I cant seem to get the product to the roots. I...

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    Started by ThePolishToast

  • Combs recommendations

    Hello. Any good combs that I can buy? Right now I have the Cricket Carbon Comb, C30 Power ...

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    Started by Alex7

  • Just dove in head first!

    Just wanted to share tonight's shenanigans. I've been intrigued by the world of pomades for a while and sort of stepped into it a while ago with the...

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    Started by chirv

  • Clay/Paste Recommendation

    I have thinning, wiry, wavy hair. I'm wanting to style it so that I have exaggerated, separated, thicker waves that fall naturally to the side of my...

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    Started by SirTarquin

  • Fury Undercut

    I'm going to try and replicate Pitt's undercut in fury and wanted to know what product you guys would recommend to achieve the look? Preferable one...

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    Started by Hsd133

  • Pomade similar to Blumaan Fifth Sample?

    Hey everyone! So I’m on my last few scoops of Fifth Sample. I really like the wax content as I find it gives great endurance and the ability to...

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    Started by InStyle

  • Matte finish for thick hair

    Hello, I've been struggling to find a product to replace my current pomade, Layrite Super Hold. I have very thick coarse hair so a strong product is...

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    Started by baronen2

  • Arcadian and firsthafir

    Has anybody tried the new first-hand summer pomade or the new Arcadian clay formula? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

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    Started by Scuba_steve7897