• Our New Content

    We are breaking new ground here for The Pomp. By no means am I an expert in the art of powerlifting nor the discipline of dieting. However, I've...

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    Started by thepomp

  • Cardio and Lifting

    Hi James, how do you encorporate cardio into the PHUL workout that you are running? Do you increase cardio during a cut and decrease during during a...

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    Started by AustGuo

  • Beginner’s Workouts

    Hey James! Long story short: I just dropped over 30 pounds solely by changing my diet. I’m now 5’11, 160 lbs. I’m ready to start hitting the...

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    Started by Sackblake

  • Lifting Shoes

    Hey James. I've been lifting for a while, what lifting shoes do you use and what gear do you recommend?

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    Started by AustGuo

  • Clarification needed for Jame's strength training program.

    Whats up yall, taking a look at the spreadsheet James posted a little while back; looking for some clarification hopefully someone can answer. Lets...

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    Started by Kwahsome

  • Beginning to build muscle

    Currently 5'10'' at 130 pounds (I'm a bit of a twig). I want to start trying to bulk up a bit but have never really tried to do this before. Can...

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    Started by gummybob

  • Dieting

    Hey James! I just started college about 6 months ago and I’m slowly getting fatter. I’m looking into workouts to reduce my body fat percentage,...

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    Started by Sackblake

  • Weight Loss Goal & Lifting Goals

    Hey James, I'm looking to lose about 30-40 pounds. Sadly I can't do much physical cardio (that I know of I'm a noob with gym stuff) because I've...

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    Started by digitaltraplord

  • Scrawny Frame Trying to Make Gainz

    Hey James, I've been lifting for around a little over 6 months and throughout this entire time, I've been bulking. I've only gone running maybe twice...

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    Started by roberto

  • It's Cutting Season!

    It's time to hit the reset button after a completely failed bulk. Some learnings that I wanted to pass onto you all (so you don't repeat my...

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    Started by thepomp

  • Ideal Cutting Season Diet.

    Hey James, so my girlfriend and I have recently started going to the gym together and while I am trying to maintain my weight, she is trying to cut...

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    Started by roberto

  • Bulking Meal Prep

    Hey so I'm starting going back to the gym again and my main focus right now is eating enough. I need to eat about 3000-3300 calories a day. My only...

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    Started by andrew

  • Fitness help

    Hey, so i've been wanting to get fit more and i've been working out but its pretty slow but im 5'6 but im more on the bigger size 160lbs and i got...

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    Started by streetdapper

  • Getting that bench number to go up

    Does anyone have their favorite workouts to improve their bench? I know benching more would work, and I’m going to start working on negatives. I...

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    Started by michael

  • How tall are you ?

    Hey James, Your progress has been great, please keep on doing what you're doing right now. With that said, I really want to know what is your...

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    Started by khangnghi

  • Fitness

    I've been wanting to start lifting and taking better care of my body. My body right now is pretty much how yours use to be before you started getting...

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    Started by Jesus

  • Workout Routine Questions

    Hey James, I’ve been lifting for the past year and haven’t been satisfied with the progress that I’ve made. I think a lot of this had to do...

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    Started by Hayden