• What is this category?

    This one is a little more abstract and freeform than the rest. Simply put, what is catching your eye right now? Share it with everyone. Did you...

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    Started by thepomp

  • ID on pants James?

    info on the grey pants you had on in the Launch Party pic? been looking for a good pair of slacks/chinos and those look quality. thx in advance.

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    Started by briananderson

  • What style/brand are these 2 shirts??

    I know the second pic is hard to see but Bam (In the middle) has on a shirt that is darker in one area than another. Also it looks really...

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    Started by Sage

  • Question about the tool your use for create THE POMP website.

    Hi James, Since I subscribe your Youtube channel and follow the The Pomp website, I was totally enjoy the design style (Both fonts and photo video...

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    Started by Owen Xu

  • Your Shirt Selections

    So many users that I see ask about the brand of shirts you wear. On daily, what are your favorite shirts to wear, whether that be chilling at home or...

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    Started by Sage

  • Glasses

    Glad I found your forums and love the blog so far. I've been looking for new glasses recently and the experience has been horrible. I swear I have...

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    Started by trli

  • Photography // Editing

    Hi James, y ou take really good clear, crisp photos and I was wondering if you edit any of your photos and with what software.

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    Started by Padraic.seamus

  • Film/Instant Photography

    Thoughts on these polaroid cameras to create instantaneous photos? I think it would be cool to have the experience the take a photo and write a...

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    Started by michael

  • Denim

    Favorite denim brands for casual wear? I'm looking for jeans outside of Uniqlo Selvedge due to curiosity of "well made jeans". So far, I've...

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    Started by michael

  • Favorite Clothing.

    Hey James, just a quick question about your taste in clothing. If you could only choose three brands of clothing to have for the rest of your life...

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    Started by Cawleal

  • What does design mean to you?

    I've been really into design this past year, however I'm lacking knowledge and experience. What do you look for in design and how can you integrate...

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    Started by michael