• Welcome Message

    First, welcome. My hope is that this forum provides a more seamless avenue for me to address any of your questions and also, for you all to help...

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    Started by thepomp

  • The Sad Boi Times

    Yo , how do you go about handling those times where shit just isn’t working out? I’m at this point where I feel like I’m mediocre at everything...

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    Started by michael

  • VSA

    I remember that you mentioned hanging out with Vietnamese people a lot. Were you a part of a VSA? My school does not have one yet, but I was curious...

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    Started by michael

  • Apple Music

    So... all this time I've been following ur 2 Apple Music playlists that you shared and I noticed that you update the Greasy Beats playlist every so...

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    Started by hoemax

  • The Fork in the Road to Engineering

    Hey James, currently an Undecided and so far I've been plowing through mostly GE's and looking towards taking the engineering route. Haven't really...

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    Started by VUCCI

  • College Life

    Hi James, do you have any advice for college? W hat did you put the most energy in during your time at Stanford? Was it purely prioritizing school?...

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    Started by hiimandy

  • TYBP

    Ok, I've had this epiphany for a LONG time that TYBP and the prayer hands refers to breaking pomade down in your hands. Is dat tru

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    Started by michael

  • TYBP

    Hey James I've been following you for a good minute now and I'm definitely feeling your fashion sense. I know you're busy and all, but I was...

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    Started by trli

  • How do you study, stay productive, and keep it all balanced?

    Hi James, I've been following you for a while and enjoy all your content. Now that I'm in grad school and making some academic and career...

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    Started by AES7

  • Sports Involvement and Vapormax Question.

    James, were you in sports in high school? I remembered seeing on one of your stories on the gram about a year ago that you were playing football...

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    Started by roberto

  • James, are you Filipino?

    I was watching one of your videos, and my Grandpa came in and after admiring your hair asked if you were Filipino. I couldn’t answer him so might...

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    Started by ThatOneFish

  • Education & Career Paths

    So, this is really a reiteration of a question I posted on one of James' Vlogs recently. Basically, I'm at a crossroads right now, in terms of what...

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    Started by Joel

  • Coffee

    How do you like your coffee?

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    Started by j_port